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Organization of international expert conferences PDF Print E-mail

1. “Workshop on improvement of regulatory framework for effective operation and management of wholesale markets” held in Zagreb, Croatia, October, 2002)

2. “Workshop on diversification of wholesale market commercial activities to enhance income”, held in Budapest (September, 2003)

3. “Workshop on Produce Quality Enhancement and Export Regulations” was held in Verona,   Italy on 24th–28th November 2003

4. Workshop on the role of wholesale markets in developing farmers' cooperatives/associations, held in Bizovac, Croatia, October, 2004.

5. A study tour on Italian wholesale markets, 06-08 June, 2005

6. Workshop on experiences of wholesale markets in new EU member countries, 26-28.09.2005, Warsaw, Poland

7. “Marketing of fresh fruit and vegetables in the Republic of Croatia with a special emphasis on the Wholesale Market Project – comparison with the EU countries and other countries in transition”, conference organised for CEI member countries in Osijek, Rijeka and Split

8. Workshop on relations between wholesale markets and producer organizations, held in  Budapest, Hungary from  04-06.09.2006.

9. Workshop “Wholesale Markets and their links with Retail Markets – Scope for enhanced linkages and cooperation” was held in Split and Zagreb, Croatia from 15–19 April 2007

10. “Marketing as an important tool for increase the efficiency of wholesale market operations”, Kiev and Lviv, Ukraine, 09–13 September 2007.

11. CEIWMF Workshop of Wholesale Market Managers – „Benchmarking in wholesale market management – best practice analysis”, 4-8 May 2008, Warsaw – Cracow, Poland

12. Conference “AGRO-TRENDS 2008”, held in Bucharest, Romania, 14-19 September, 2008

13. “The Third Generation Wholesale Markets” held in Rome, Bologna, Parma, Rimini, Cesena - Italy, from 21-24 June, 2010

14. “Influence of global economic crisis on wholesale markets activities – role of producers organisations in prevailing crisis” held in Dubrovnik / Opuzen, Croatia and Čapljina /BIH,  24-28 October, 2010

15. Workskop focusing on an innovative wholesale business idea, Lviv, Kiev, Ukraine, October, 2011.

16. “Organizing of producers organizations in fruit and vegetable sector  in the Republic of Croatia” – Study tour to Poland and learning on the Polish model of producers organisations, workshop for leading Croatian producers and traders, June, 2011