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Joint stock company National Wholesale Market Company Inc. is founded upon the Decision of the Government of the Republic of Croatia dated 25th September, 1997 for the purpose of the implementation of Croatia Wholesale Markets. Company was registered by the registration in the Court Registry of the Commercial Court in Zagreb on 30th January, 1998. The founder and the only member of the company is the Government of the Republic of Croatia. The founding capital of the Company amounts 8.379.000,00 kuna.
The main role of the NWMC is implementing the Croatia Wholesale Market Project. NWMC coordinates the interaction between the Government of the Republic of Croatia, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Central European Initiative as the key investors, international and domestic consultants, regional wholesale markets and local governments as well as other subjects relevant for the realisation of the Project.
The NWMC acquired funds through a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, earmarked to partially finance the construction of wholesale markets, and a loan from the Central European Initiative, earmarked to finance planning and supervision of the building process; the NWMC has then sub loaned the money to the Regional Wholesale Markets. The NWMC supervises operations of the Regional Wholesale Markets and administers payments to the creditors.
Apart from the wholesale market project, the National Wholesale Market Company has been actively involved in several projects of the Ministry of Agriculture about which you can read more in the chapter “New Projects”.

The main activities of the Company are management of projects as well as consulting and marketing in the sector of fruit and vegetables. The area of interest is food sector while the activity area is CEE region and Mediterranean.

In implementation of the Croatia Wholesale Market Project, National Wholesale Market Company has, as administrator of the credit arrangement, acquired funds through a loan from European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Central European Initiative (CEI), used for the preparation of project documentation, financing and supervision of construction works on the construction of wholesale markets. The NWMC has then sub loaned the money to the regional wholesale markets. The NWMC supervises operations of the regional wholesale markets and administers payments to the creditors. Furthermore, National Wholesale Market Company coordinates the work of the key stakeholders in the Project, i.e. the Government, ERBD, CEI Initative as the main investors as well as regional wholesale markets, local governments, consultants and other relevant subjects in the Project.  

The first phase of the Project resulted with the construction of new, modern wholesale markets in Osijek, Rijeka-Matulji and Split and with adaptation of the object in Benkovac; it was finalized with the EBRD loan repayment in November, 2011. Planning of the second phase of Project as well as investment development of wholesale markets has started afterwards.

As an upgrade to the above mentioned Project, National Wholesale Market has, along with wholesale markets from Budapest and Warsaw founded the Foundation of wholesale markets of the Central European Initiative (please see with the headquarters in Warsaw. With initial three wholesale markets from three countries, Foundation has grown into a respectable organization which encompasses 20 wholesale markets from 9 countries of the CEE region and market of approximately 140 million inhabitants with the trend of further expansion. Member countries exchange business experiences through the Foundation and help in establishing of trading and other sociable relations between them.  

Beside the basic project of wholesale markets, National Wholesale Market Company has been engaged in number of other projects: among them are two for which we consider to be of crucial importance for survival and further development of fruit and vegetable sector in terms of unique EU market, as follows:

1.     Project of construction of Cold Stores in the Republic of Croatia (ULO Cold stores) &
2.     Project of establishing of producers organisations in fruit and vegetable sector in Croatia.

National Wholesale Market Company has made “Conceptual design of ULO Cold Store Project in the Republic of Croatia” upon which the Government has started the project of construction of ULO cold stores with the objective of concentration of offer and permanent management of fresh fruit and  vegetables, regulation of the market and better organisation of producers. Up to the mentioned Project, within the period from 2003 to 2010, c/a 30.000 tons of modern storage capacities with controlled atmosphere were constructed which resolved the acute problem of fresh fruit and vegetables The Project is continued by planning construction of storage capacities which financing will be done from structural EU funds.

The second important Project which is in course and in which realisation National Wholesale Market Company is actively engaged is establishment of producers’ organisations in fruit and vegetable sector. The role of National Wholesale Market in this Project consists of the work in the Committee for making Rules on producers’ organisations as well as of practical work with fruit and vegetables producers all around Croatia who had shown interest for such form of organising.

Thanks to rich experience acquired in the work with many local and international partners and institutions as well as with participation in pre-accession negotiations for joining EU and with the work in many bodies responsible for preparation of legal framework in agricultural sector, National Wholesale Market is trained for providing services of business consulting and deals with providing consultancy service within the programs of pre-accession assistance. Up to date, we have successfully participated in different projects within FP6 Framework Programme such as SAPARD, IPARD and IPA III C. For detailed information, please see our references.