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Expert council for fruit and vegetables production and processing follow-up founded PDF Print E-mail
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Pursuant to the Article 33 of the Decree of the Principles for the Internal Organization of the State Administration Bodies (Official Gazette154/11), Minister of Agriculture brought on 11 January,  2012 the following

Conclusion on foudation of an Expert Committee for

fruit and vegetables production and processing follow-up

The president of the Committee is Vesna Gantar Kuterović, PH.D, Minister Assistant, while Mr. Zoran Krsnik, director of the National Wholesale MArket Company Inc. has been appointed for the member of the Committee.

The mission of the Committee is as follows:

-    fruit and vegetables sector follow up not just in Croatia, but in the whole world, especially in EU

-    regulation of relations between primary production and processing of fruit and vegetables

-  considering and proposing solutions for improving production and processing of fruit and vegetablres, especially in the part related to sector restructuring 

-   considering of economic position of fruit and vegetables production and processing and finding a way for sector competitiveness improvement

-    work on improving quality of fruit and vegetables and fruit and vegetables products

-    consideration of proposed measures and provisions of the Steering Committee of European Commission for common organization of the agricultural market and fruit and vegetable sector and proposing of the certain attitude of the Republic of Croatia.