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Ministerial Conference of CEI countries on Biofuels in Trieste, Italy PDF Print E-mail

Ministerial Conference of the Central Europena Initiative 
"Renewable Energy in a Bio-Based Economy - The Option of Next Generation Biofuels" will take place in Trieste, Italy on 22 September, 2012.
18 countries will participate the Conference and will exchange views, experiences, perspectives and goals regarding usage of biofuels and their role in future development.
Conference will start with the Opening session on the topics of the next generation,i.e. strategic challanges. Three topcis will be discussed as follows:
_ Eco-friendly prority option for CEI countries
- outlook for biofuels in the Medium and Long-Term
- the role of next generation biofuels in the energy strategy of the EU.

The first session will deal with the state of art in research and innovation of biofuels while the second one will be dedicated to biofuels in sense of their contribution to rural development and economy at large.Finally, conference will end with the Round Table with te topcis "How, when and beyond 2020 targets".

Mr. Zoran Krsnik will represent the Republic of Croatia on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture.