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During the nineties of the last century, due to the disintegration of former Yugoslavia and occupation of the part of the territory of the Republic of Croatia and difficult communication between north and south of the country, the collapse of the market of fresh fruit and vegetables occurred. Offer of fresh fruit and vegetables was weak not just in sense of quality but also in assortment, prices were too high, supply was uncertain; at the same time, consumption was decreased and the activity took place on places which haven’t satisfied minimal technical conditions for dealing with food.

In such circumstances, the Government of the Republic of Croatia asked FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) for help and to propose the model of restructuring the market. FAO suggested the Project of construction of net of wholesale markets as infrastructure facilities on which the market of fresh fruit and vegetable would be organized in compliance with the highest European standards.

Objective of the Government was to make presumptions for foundation of trading centre of fresh agricultural products in Zagreb and in several regional centres. This would improve supply of consumers, decrease wholesale margins, raise the quality of fresh fruit and vegetables in relation to its class, as well as ensure conditions for export and improve supervision over the health accuracy of agricultural products.

Realisation of the Project started in 1998 by founding the National Wholesale Market Company as a joint stock company responsible for the Project implementation and joint stock companies in Zagreb, Osijek, Split, Rijeka-Matulji, Metković and Benkovac.

New wholesale markets in Osijek, Rijeka-Matulji and Split were constructed in the first phase of realisation, the facility in Benkovac was renewed while Zagreb and Metković have temporarily suspended Project realisation. You can find more details further on this web site.